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Originally from Lynchburg Virginia, SINN has been in the music industry for well over 20 years.  He has worked with Def Jam and artists that vary from Jay-Z,  DMX, Alicia Keys, Prince, Big Pun, and many more.   He's completed "It Won't Be Long", "Best of SINN", "Ryder Music" Vol.1 albums and is currently polishing up vol. 2 of "Ryder Music." The debut single and video "Make It Home" is available on all digital platforms.


This work has been derived from the struggles of overcoming his past, to following a much brighter path to rebirth. Two things that pushed SINN into creating his latest work … the last words of his uncle saying he needs to make an album… and after a near-death motorcycle accident his sister said, “ it would be a shame for you to die with all that music inside of you”  Which after being released from the hospital, SINN immediately went into the studio to start working on his album. These were the grounds for his inspiration to showcase his talents. His resurrection will be a heavy dose of riding music mixed with his rapid-fire delivery and beats to make your body move.    

Since that time SINN has headlined at some of the most distinguished venues such as DC Armory, Tunnel Night Club, DC9 Night Club, The Park, The Black Cat, Crazy Horse and more. He’s opened for major artists including 50 Cent on “Get Rich or Die Trying Tour, Prodigy, Keith Murray, EPMD, Method Man, Redman, Rakim, Wu Tang Clan, Judah Priest, and Buddha Monk to name a few. The multifaceted artist wears the hat of CEO, songwriter, producer, singer, and emcee, with an exceeding lengthy music catalog.  

Sinn will be launching his new album out of Detroit, Michigan. He's also officially branded the new movement/group Devilz Advocates with artists representing California, Michigan, Cincinnati, and Jamaica. As a collective, new music has been released on all major platforms for streaming and purchase.


“I just want to make good music that will make the people dance.”- SINN

Sinn's only objective is to bring a fresh new vibe into the current state of Hip Hop. His skills as an MC, songwriter, producer, engineer, as well as his expertise in mixing and mastering sets him apart from so many of the new age Hip Hop Artists today. His dedication and love of music and people are blended through his craft and his shows.



CEO, Artist, Producer at

Hold Me Down Music &

Devilz Advocates


Stream/Purchase "Make It Home" On Preferred Platforms

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